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Music/Band Links

Secretly Drowning

Sunset Black

Index Case

Down and Above

Hog Mallet

Smilin Liar

Mr. Plow

Liquid Sun


Smakdab:   Now Secretly Drowning with a new singer, still, look online for some of their music at

    Many of these groups are listed on with free music downloads.

    *Note: All above listed bands are local bands from the midwest that are cool as hell. I highly suggest you check them out. None of them are pussy bands; they mean what they play. However, if you're looking for other big name bands, I recommend Spineshank, Mushroomhead, Coal Chamber, System of a Down, Tool, Korn, A Perfect Circle, and Drain STH (Now defunct).

Stupid Links

Virtual Bubble Wrap: Play with this ingenious invention for hours on end.

Peep Research: Learn all you care to about this tasty treat; Includes scientific experiments and a special section on peep health.

Hairy Human Homepage: Some sort of page for hairy people. Funny though. Also check out this page.

Hairy Tongue: Billed as the ultimate hangover website.

I lost my list of these, so please, if you have any great ones to share, please email them to me! I'm also always looking for new bands to add to my list, so send any good recommendations my way too. Thanks.